Business Milestones


We opened our first restaurant, Causeway Bay Restaurant, in Causeway Bay under the brand name, Wedding Banquet Specialist(煌府婚宴專門店)


Our Group was awarded by”Best Of the Best Culinary Awards “by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.


Our Group was first awarded by “Hong Kong Star Brand Award -Corporate Award “by the Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association.


The “Royal Courtyard(煌苑)”brand was established,aiming to diversify our banquet services, including providing lunchtime wedding banquet service at outdoor garden.

We opened THE ONE (Royal Courtyard) Restaurant under the brand name, Royal Courtyard.


Our Group was ranked the third amongst the Chinese full-service restaurants in the Hong Kong banquet market, in terms of market share by revenue.

Our Group was one of the top 10 market players in the Hong Kong full-service dining market in terms of market share by revenue.